Jul 31, 2016

needle book 4

I love makingneedle books.
And love Prairie schooler.
It is my happiness to produce Needle book of the design of Prairie schooler.

 Prairie Schooler Book 194 RABBIT RUN
  Part excerpt. I have added more stitch 

A lot of roses bloomed at my garden this year. A garden of dusk is filled with the fragrance of the rose. When I breathe deeply, fatigue on the day is forgot.

I love fragrances of this flower 

However, there are many days when it rains this year.
 Therefore roses can't keep the beautiful form for a long time.
Before it rains, I pick roses a little. And I decided to make a dry flower a little.

Pink deutzia gracilis

[karaitosu]  It is like the pink hairy caterpillar

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Jun 25, 2016

Reuse of a can...Part 4


 Finally, I could complete this stitch..
 The size of this stitch was just right for the cover of the empty can which I prepared.
   I use the partition in this box to put something small


Pictures of my garden.

The scenery which I watched the way go to work

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Apr 21, 2016

Sheepish Designs and Carriage House Samplings

I finished the stitch of these two designs.

Sheepish Designs   Remember me

The word put in a blank part in the lower right part isn't decided yet.
The word "Remember Me" makes me feel lonely.
It isn't possible to avoid separation with the person who loves.
But the way which gets over its grief isn't easy.
I merely just leave a happy memory in a chest repeatedly many times.

Carriage House Samplings Flax Fields

Dozens of years ago, a big field of flowers of Flax seemed to be in the district where I lived in.
The flax at that time seemed to be cultivated as materials of the military uniform.
And the flaxen cultivation declined with the end of the war, too.
However, the flax is reviewed as a thing bringing beautiful scenery now.
I hope that a flaxen field spreads out as peaceful scenery.

It approaches little by little in spring.
They were snowdrops that it bloomed first most at my garden.

[ Ezo Roh Liu gold coins] is a beautiful flower blooming in the waterside.

Spring came over to both the hills and fields and the park.

I have begun stitch with the design which seems to be spring, too.

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Mar 5, 2016

Paper cranes

Have you made paper cranes?
I found origami of the design of the national flag.
Unfortunately there is only the design of 40 countries.
Is the design of your national national flag in this?

I have now stitching that the two designs.

These pinkeeps I made other day was displayed this.

I took a picture of the following picture during a drive today. A cold day continues, but water from river doesn't freeze. Spring is the proof that I'm approaching.

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Feb 15, 2016

Pin keeps

I love the design of these small birds.
I finished it for pin keeping.


These are the scenery of the road where I commute.

The coldness is severe, but the scenery is Wonderful.

However, there is little snow this year and cannot build the apartment of the small bird which I made every year.

This is an apartment of the  bird.

Therefore we made a Bird table this year.

I am looking forward to visiting the birds.

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Jan 26, 2016


Seasons greetings and best wishes for a new year filled with warmth, peace, and cherished memories!

I made the ornament of angels for Christmas of the last year, but was completed one month late.

Christmas Angel Ornaments ~ Birds Of A Feather 

I wanted to finish it in a primitive feeling.
So I changed them as follows.
The cloth was changed to Hand Dyed Fabrics 
* one strand over two threads.
*I sewed those hemming roughly

I made same ornaments several years ago.

I am going to display the ornaments on Christmas of this year.

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