Apr 2, 2012

Old Prairie Schooler books

The snowdrop have begun to bloom in  my garden .

The snowdrop of stitches are not completed still more.
I am satisfied that I watch the flower which has begun to bloom, and a stitch is going to begin to do other works. In that way works of the incompleteness increase.

I plan the stitch of the design of Prairie schooler next.
By the way, do you like the design of old Prairie schooler books?
I love them.  Probably I may like them than a new thing.
I did some stitches so far, but there is still the thing which wants to do a stitch a lot.

These are parts of the thing which I made a stitch so far.

No.12-Three Bears

No.40-Band Samplers
I put three pieces of designs together little by little.
No.60-Spring Samplers

No.9-Johnny Appleseed
I changed placement into one line and increased the number of small animals.

No.49-Garden Verses

No.18-The Three Pigs

No.4-Bremen Town Musicians

I thank for there being a lot of splendid designs.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. What a lovely collection ....

  2. You have such lovely stitched pieces, even the unfinished are wonderful and surely soon be stitched! :o)


  3. you have made already a lot of those designs! I do love them all. congratulations with this collection.

  4. Oh, you've stitched so many wonderful PS designs--I love them all :)

  5. Beautiful stitching love the Spring ones.

  6. They are all lovely! I am very fond of the older PS designs too :)

  7. Wow. What an awesome collection of PS designs. I have all the charts. Makes me want to dig them out and work on them.


  8. You have a huge collection of PS... and I love all of them!
    Congratulations ^^

  9. What a wonderful collection~~

  10. I love Prairie Schooler too and have been collecting their books as well. You do beautiful stitching and I especially like how you stitched Johny Appleseed all in a row. Filling that inspiration away for another day :) Lovely to see Spring has come to your part of the world. I am still waiting for it to find us here up north.