Sep 27, 2012

Ornaments of September

I finished the stitch of ornaments of September .
I dropped in on stitches of other works, but was in time somehow this month.

I extracted a part from them. Or I added a stitch.Needle Print~Free Chart
By Gone Stitches~Quaker Christmas

For September are these..

By the way, one has a problem. I make three ornaments every month. In the plan, 36 ornaments should be finished on Christmas. However, I do not have a big Christmas tree to display them. There is not the space to put it in the room.
Mmm, I intend to decorate them to the conifer of the garden temporarily.
Then, I should do what.
By Christmas, I hope that I hit on a good plan.

As for me, a stitch did a free chart of SHEEPISH DESIGNS the other day. I like this linen and thread, and a stitch does a different design by the same combination now.

Fabric:Lakeside Linens 32ct Navy Bean
Fibers: Crescent Colours - Belle Soie - Velvet Rose
Right : Free bie [Baby Alphabet] ~ SHEEPISH DESIGNS
Left:[Victor Minor School House] ~ Primitivebettys

The other day when I went to camp, I was stitching The Prairie Schooler in the evening.
Oh, last year, I went to camp with the design of  The Prairie Schooler , too.

The Prairie Schooler
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Sep 19, 2012

Autumn on Marigold Lane

I finished this work.
The temperature is hot now. However, I think that this is a suitable design to color autumn.

Pineberry Lane
Autumn on Marigold Lane
Fabric:Lakeside Linens 36ct Navy Bean
Fibers: Recommended Gentle Art & WDW   ...... I used the different color for several parts.
One strand of floss over two threads of linen.

I love Pineberry Lane. I finished this in September of the last year.

Four sides are the flowers which bloomed in my garden.
Snow-white Annabell changed a color into lime green. Echinacea  pleased us with bright pinkness during summer. And it is the present. The petal is damaged, and the color looks lonely.

However, I like this scene. That's why I may not finish disposing of it even if a flower finishes blooming. Of course I do the most because of the laziness.

This building is an old prison.
We visited here last week.

It is not used now. It becomes the sightseeing spot.
The people confined in prison here think that each bore many pains and compensations.
The thing that is different from other prisons is that it was with work force collecting of the reclamation of Hokkaido where we live in as for the people confined in prison here.
Some of current highways were made by them.
There are many people who died in them who were forced to severe labor. Their fetters become the chain mound, and the side of the road is dotted.
This building had a sad past, but thought as a structure beautifully.

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Sep 9, 2012


We went to the cosmos garden on the weekend.
In the kanji, we write the cosmos as autumn cherry blossoms.
It is a pretty flower, but there is strength not to lose an autumn typhoon.

 I think that the simple and rustic flower garden is very wonderful like these!

These area zinnias. This is pretty with a cheerful hue, too.

This week, I had to stitch this work.

Pineberry Lane
Autumn on Marigold Lane

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Sep 3, 2012

I finished this stitch.

Prairie Schooler
No.168 May

As for me, what kind of design will a stitch do after this?
Is it Halloween or Christmas?
However, there are a lot of stitch works for unfinished sewing at hand.
I want to complete an unfinished work little by little.

September. The temperature is still high and exceeds 30 degrees centigrade day after day, but the scenery becomes autumn-like.

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