Feb 13, 2011

Hot chocolate

Little by Little Designs
I made do with what was available at hand.

Tomorrow is a Valentine's Day . My daughter cooking chocolate cake now.
My small house is full of sweet smells.
Daughter presents chocolate to a daddy and  boyfriends. And she presents chocolates to  many girlfriends and there are many things. Many girls who lives neighboring do so it. The chocolate to the friends are called TOMOCHOKO and is common.

Winter Silhouette
Fabric:Zweigart 32 count Belfast Linen Dirty
Fibers:  DMC  Glow In-The-Dark

I did a stitch of this work with [DMC Light Effects Embroidery Floss Glow In-The-Dark]

This thread gleams in darkness.


  1. Very pretty!!! I love the colors you used on the Hot Chocolate piece :-).

  2. Sana, your stitching is beautiful and your blog is lovely! I love your hot chocolate picture and the unique way you framed it. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment.

  3. I love the hot chocolate frame and the winter silhouette. The threads are glow in the dark!! Very cool! Thanks for your comment on my heart and valentine post :D

  4. Im Ximena, from Torres del Payne, Chile.
    Im looking your site and is very beautiful, have many things interest for me.
    I love so much the winter silhouette, and my question is if you can send to my email, please.xigobarster@gmail.com
    Best regards,
    Ximena (here now we have snow)