Mar 5, 2011

Silhouette ~ 2

A stitch was finished.
The frame is the cheap article which I bought in a supermarket.
I added some colors to a frame with paint.
I put kilt cotton between linen and frames.
Then a stitch becomes soft and fluffy. I like this method.

All Through the Night.
A Sheltering Tree
Fabric:Zweigart 36 count Edinburgh Shadow Brook
Fibers:Crescent Colours Belle Soie Old Crow


  1. Great finish!!! Love your use of a reasonably priced frame!

  2. The silhouette turned out beautifully! I also love the box of pinkeeps next to it, they are gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous!
    That frame is perfect! :)

  4. I hope you are okay Sana. I have heard about the huge earthquake today and your area is submerged in water. Please let us know you are okay!

  5. Thank you Anne. We are okay! I send an email to you.

  6. Sana, I am so very glad to hear you are ok. We keep watching the news, it is so horrible! Many, many people around the world are horrified and are praying for your country.

  7. Thank you Karen. I'm sorry for response becomes slow. I save electricity for cooperation to the electricity shortage. I do not connect the PC as much as possible either. However, we are safe. I pray to the person of the stricken area. And I thank heartily for the encouragement of the friend of each country and support of each government.

  8. Sana - I just wanted to let you know that myself and so many Americans are praying for your country. We are so saddened by the terrible tragedy that you are going through. I hope that your stitching is helping to ease your pain a bit. I know I always count on it being helpful to me in times of stress. Sending love and prayers.

  9. Hi Sana,
    I'm from Italy.
    I am a Prairie Schooler fan too (
    Your work is so gorgeous!