Jul 20, 2011

Tetrahedron type pincushion

The pincushion of the small tetrahedron. It is made with two pieces of rectangular cloth.

I see it often using a flax seed for the filling of the pincushion with a book or the blog of all of you.
However, I do not know the shop selling a flax seed. In my district, it seems to be hardly sold. 
 I see it sometimes selling as a kind for gardening, but it is very expensive.
I thought about a substitute. And I thought that form and weight of the sesame might resemble flax.

I filled the pincushion of the tetrahedron with sesame.
It smells fragrant when I rub it quietly. I seem to be hungry among stitches.

Blackbird Designs Honeysuckle manor
Fabric: Zweigart Belfast Linen Nougat
Fibers:Crescent Colours Belle Soie Icing

Thank you so much for your visit!
Have a happy day!


  1. ohhh that is cute :) and a wonderful idea to use sesame seeds :) love mouse xxx

  2. Sana,

    I have just found your blog and it is wonderful. I saw your post from Jan. 29 and would like to know what design the black flower tin is. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work. Jo Ann

  3. Hello Jo Ann.
    Is it a the house, flowers and birds design?
    This chart is [Anne Welles Sampler] from Birds of a Feather.
    Thank you.