Nov 28, 2011

Swiss roll??

I made mat so that a desk was not damaged when I put scissors.
Then I rolled the ends of the mat slightly. It is similar to a Swiss roll.
I use it as a pincushion here.

I made the design of the stitch in reference to an old chart book.
Near my house, there is the station named [The happiness station].
It is already a deserted station here. However, a lot of tourists still come.
The name of the neighboring station is[ The country of the love]!
The ticket of these two stations is popular as a lucky charm. The train does not go anymore, but still sells the ticket.
The tourist has a custom posting a business card of each person or a memo on here. The old station building is filled in them and does not see a wall.

This is a signboard of the English sentence

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. What a wonderful story about Happiness Station!!! I love that! and your new project finish is so brilliant!!!!!!! What a fabulous idea...I want to make one now! Thank you for sharing both.

  2. Oh i love your stitching, what a great idea.