Apr 22, 2012

Blue pond

We went to the blue pond in Biei-cho yesterday.
According to the name, the water of the pond is a blue color here.
A mysterious color such as the milk blue.
It is a pond caused by construction for prevention of disaster by the eruption of the volcano here.
It is thought that it is caused by an aluminum ingredient, but the correct reason is unclear.

Because there are many volcanoes, there are a lot of hot springs in Hokkaido. I went to the hot spring by this pond.

The progress of the cross-stitching is here.

Busy weekdays begin again from tomorrow.
However, I intend to do its best because I fully charged myself on the weekend.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. What a beautiful water color!

  2. That is impressive! I wish I could visit Japan one day


  3. I love all of your Prairie Schooler pieces. I just went back thru your blog and looked at them again. Great progress on the current one. Makes me want to start some of mine.


  4. That blue water is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  5. Water color is a bit weird I do not know if I like it, can swim there?
    The embroidery of the farm is really beautiful ^^

  6. Wow! Such a stunning blue pond! I love those photos!!

    Your embroidery is beautiful Sana!!


  7. The Blue Pond is very pretty and I like the hot spring with all the snow outside. You take beautiful photographs.
    I am also a Prairie Schooler fan and your sampler looks very pretty!
    I also admire your pin-cushion. Do you mind telling me which designer the pattern comes from?

    1. Hello Jenny.
      That pattern is Nikyscreations~A Primitive Calendar.
      Her design is wonderful all!

  8. Hi,just found your blog through Milly. :)
    You have stitched some beautiful things.
    Love your photos too.

  9. Hi Sana

    That pond is amazing, what a lovely colour.
    Your PS is coming on beautifully.
    Happy stitching!

  10. Your stitching is beautiful and so is the pond!