May 12, 2012

Free chart and Mystery SAL

Because I found a very pretty free chart, I did a stitch immediately.
This cute chart is The Primitive Hare .
I changed the thread of the skirt into GA. And I changed the thread of the spool into Caron Collection Waterlilies. I used Waterlilies in a former stitch.  I love this thread.

I used linen of Birds of a feather. I love this linen very much. However, acquisition becomes difficult very much. Therefore I must use it while saving it....

I began this MYSTERY SAL . Her designs are cute!!!

It will be a holiday tomorrow. We will visit the hot spring again. At the place, I should be able to be refreshed.
I wish  your Sunday being happy!


  1. Wow, this Sister Stitcher pattern is wonderful, I have not stitched it all out.
    The other is beautiful, too.

  2. lovely finish and thank you for the link.
    Looking forward to seeing your mystery SAL grow.

  3. love the freebie :) I've got this one to do too ... and cute new sal from Niky too :)
    love mouse xxxx

  4. This is so beautiful! :o)


  5. I love your version of this cute design and the threads you used. This freebie is in my projects too.
    The mistery SAL looks great.

  6. This is an adorable design! I love Waterlilies, too! Thank you for the freebie links!

  7. What a sweet finish! I love this little freebie, too :)