Aug 17, 2012


In reference to the Clam Shell Case which I made the other day. . .
I tried that  made the frog face shape case.
Parts of  eyes are made from felt and buttons, I  insert them into the main body.
This is a present to my daughter. She will be to put small accessories in this.

About the sampler of the October, it was finally completed. I began the production of the sampler of January continuously.
 I want to complete the sampler of all 12 months before the end of the year.
The Prairie Schooler

The Prairie Schooler

I took this photograph in a lily park of Koshimizu-cho of Hokkaido.
I love oriental Lily. The image of the lily which I have is pure and innocent. . However, the lily which grew in gregariousness  were powerful and energetic.

This picture was  taken by  my daughter with a smartphone  in the same place . 
Smartphone have a variety of functions than my camera. 
My compact digital camera was purchased seven years ago.
Fortunately, troubles are nothing. But  the shooting date back to 2005 many times .  Is a strange thing.
I want to purchase a single-lens reflex camera, but am considering it because I am satisfied with my camera.

These are photographs of my garden. Roses and  clematis bloomed like a bouquet.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. The frog case is so cute and well made!

    Your flower photos are always so beautiful, and lovely to look at.

  2. The frog is sooo beautiful! Well done! And your October Prairie Schooler finish is just wonderful! :o)


  3. aww cute frogie..
    i love your PS is so cute xx

  4. Wonderful photo!
    Sampler I really, really like it!!!
    I also love my old Olympus camera(2004:)).

  5. Adorable frog and beautiful flowers....

  6. Adorable little frog, gorgeous flowers and I love your sampler!

  7. Cute little frog Sana! I adore your lily photos!!

  8. Your frog case is adorable, and the pictures of the lilies are stunning. They are my favorite flower.

  9. What a lovely and funny frog ^^
    Your PS October is beautiful!
    Hugs, Sana!