Sep 19, 2012

Autumn on Marigold Lane

I finished this work.
The temperature is hot now. However, I think that this is a suitable design to color autumn.

Pineberry Lane
Autumn on Marigold Lane
Fabric:Lakeside Linens 36ct Navy Bean
Fibers: Recommended Gentle Art & WDW   ...... I used the different color for several parts.
One strand of floss over two threads of linen.

I love Pineberry Lane. I finished this in September of the last year.

Four sides are the flowers which bloomed in my garden.
Snow-white Annabell changed a color into lime green. Echinacea  pleased us with bright pinkness during summer. And it is the present. The petal is damaged, and the color looks lonely.

However, I like this scene. That's why I may not finish disposing of it even if a flower finishes blooming. Of course I do the most because of the laziness.

This building is an old prison.
We visited here last week.

It is not used now. It becomes the sightseeing spot.
The people confined in prison here think that each bore many pains and compensations.
The thing that is different from other prisons is that it was with work force collecting of the reclamation of Hokkaido where we live in as for the people confined in prison here.
Some of current highways were made by them.
There are many people who died in them who were forced to severe labor. Their fetters become the chain mound, and the side of the road is dotted.
This building had a sad past, but thought as a structure beautifully.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Lovely Beautifull cross stitch, well done!

  2. I love Autumn on Marigold Lane.I need to get this pattern..

  3. i love autumn on marigold lane so much too..super cute.
    lovely pictures..thank you for sharing xx

  4. What a beautiful design, it would be great finishing just as nice.
    Hugs, Sana!

  5. I love that Pineberry Lane design, it looks wonderful! It's always interesting to see the pictures of places in your country, I'm glad you show them to us!

  6. votre broderie automnale est très belle,
    merci pour la promenade

  7. Precioso blog y maravilloso bordado, te ha quedado genial, a mi tambien me gustan un monton estos diseños. Te dejo la direccion de mi blog poor si quieres visitarme

  8. So pretty, what a lovely piece to have in a room. And this is my first visit here have to tell you love all the pictures. The picture of the lilies that are in your garden, my goodness they are beautiful.

  9. Hi Sana!
    I liked it to read your blog and to look at your nice pictures too!
    You made beautiful stichworks!
    I also like the old fashionated handwork.
    I love zinnias and cosmosflowers- but I only have a few of them in my garden.
    greetings from the Netherlands
    from Fleur

  10. So beautiful Sana! I love your Autumn stitching! The photos are are very talented photographer!

  11. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    Marigold Lane is beautiful.
    Great photos too.

  12. Hello ! I found your sweet blog via Mii Stitch-blog!
    Lovely stitching ,I like BBD-designs too !
    You can believe I was amazed when I saw the wooden Kuksa-cup from
    Sapmi-area in Lapland, the most northest part of my country :)
    ( Saame in our language)

    Greetings from the beautiful Finland !!

  13. Very nice stitching and photos! I really like how you displayed your pieces with the flowers around them :)

  14. this pattern and your colours are wonderful!