Oct 4, 2012

Stuffing of the mini pillows

I completed this stitch this week..
I extracted a part of the design and finished it on a mini-pillow.
About the fillings such as cushions, I thought what was good.

Book 179

I did a stitch only partly
Fabric:32 count Belfast Linen Cream [I dyed it with tea]
Fibers: Recommended DMC 

Cotton, flax seed , crushed walnut shells,,,,.
I decided to use buckwheat chaff this time.
In Japan, the buckwheat chaff is cheaper markedly than flax seed and crushed walnut shells .
With quantity of the size of the normal pillow, it is approximately 5 dollars.

About a sampler producing now.

[Victor Minor School House] ~ Primitivebettys

I did a stitch by two strand of floss over two threads of linen collecting at first.
I changed the one strand of floss  on the way.

Two lines of the bottom are two strand of floss .
I do not know which way is good.
However, I want to do it  so that a stitch does all by one strand of floss .

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. wow it is a very cute pillow..
    thank you for sharing the stuffing idea..sound so sweet..
    beautiful wip..
    hugs xx

  2. Awww it's such a cute little cushion! Well done ☺

  3. I love Prairie Schooler very much and that's a nice little pillow that you stitched from one of their charts.

  4. I absolutely love your little pillow! I never think to take only part of a design and I will look up this one. Your choice for backing fabric is perfect. Love it.

  5. What a wonderful little pillow~~~ Such great idea using different stuffing materials!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a lovely little cushion, would never have thought to use those as stuffing, will check and see what is cheaper here. Thanks for the great idea

  7. I love that adorable pillow with goats!

  8. This is a great little pillow and
    the backing is lovely!
    Have you ever used rice for your
    stuffing? I use it a lot and it
    works very well. I enjoy your blog
    and seeing your photos of Japan.

  9. I especially love the little goats in the pin pillow!