Sep 3, 2015

Wooden pot

In this shop, I bought the wooden pot introduced in the last post.
Externals of this shop are like the warehouse.
However, The inside of a store comes for me to want to stay even how long.


This is a cover of  legs of the old sewing machine.

In Japan the life using the tatami mat was ever most.
The furniture with the leg attached a leg cover to protect a tatami mat.
Can you see that the part of the edge of this pot becomes dented two places?
This is to stop the caster. 
I think I'll make a pincushion using this. A bottom part is stable, so it's because it seems  easy to use.

They are  Tsumami-zaiku (KANZASHI) that my daughter produced. 
These are a suitable sizes for use as scissor fob.  

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Have a happy day!

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