Oct 4, 2015

IKURA&NAGAIMO .......In autumn

One of the pleasure of the autumn is harvest.
The salmon fishing receives the season near the town where I live.
Salmon is called AKIAJI here.     AKI means autumn and AJI means the taste.
The salmon is exactly a taste of autumn.
Do you eat IKURA?
I heard that there were a lot of countries where it did not eat IKURA.
IKURA which put topping to steaming rice is like the ruby.

I purchase IKURA, and I make soy sauce pickles every week in this season.

This is NAGAIMO field.

This scenery reminds me of the scene of the maze of the hedge of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire of the movie.

I started the production of the ornament at Christmas.
I have made this design with present use to friends before.
This time, I want to make it from primitive feeling.

Christmas Angel Ornaments ~ Birds Of A Feather

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Hi Sana! I'm among those people who don't eat ikura ( I'm strictly vegetarian) but I do love the pictures you have shot of it!
    Did you notice I'm one of your followers ?
    Have a nice time. Hugs from Marina,Italy.

  2. I often eat ikura and rarely akiajIi. And love oyster.

  3. I love salmon roe but it is not eaten that often in Australia - we do eat a lot of Atlantic salmon, though, as we have some great salmon farms in Tasmania.