Mar 5, 2016

Paper cranes

Have you made paper cranes?
I found origami of the design of the national flag.
Unfortunately there is only the design of 40 countries.
Is the design of your national national flag in this?

I have now stitching that the two designs.

These pinkeeps I made other day was displayed this.

I took a picture of the following picture during a drive today. A cold day continues, but water from river doesn't freeze. Spring is the proof that I'm approaching.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day


  1. I have not made paper cranes since I was a girl. What a wonderful collection you have made.
    I like the many pinkeeps you have. And the way you have displayed them is pretty.
    Oh your winter pictures are beautiful. Yes, I am surrounded by snow also.

  2. Love your whole post
    Lovely xx