Sep 15, 2011


Stitch was finished.
Prairie Schooler SEPTEMBER  Book 173

The hunter hangs a rabbit to one hand by the sample.
I feel slightly sorry.
Therefore I gave him a fruit basket.  He may be dissatisfied ...............
I want to complete all this series.

This is my waste thread bottle.

This is an empty bottle of the chocolate of the mushroom form.

I love the motif of the mushroom.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Good work!

    I have part of November which a friend made into a hinged box for me.

    I think stitching all of these is a good goal. :) I know of one stitcher who is working on all of them and when she finishes she has them stretched at the framers so that she can just pop them in and out of a single frame.

    I like your idea of letting him carry fruit!

  2. You are so cute Sana! I love how you gave him a full basket of apples and not just one! I think he is very happy now!!

  3. I like the basket instead of the rabbit! It made me sad too. Too bad if the hunter isn't happy. Fruit is better for him!

  4. I like your basket idea too:)

    Mary Louise in IN

  5. I really really want this chart and if I buy it I will change the verse slightly, and also the hunter.

  6. Jajajaja, Sana!
    The change was very funny, I like it!