Jan 29, 2012


I finished the mail preparations for premium to winners today. I will send it out tomorrow.
I hope that they arrive safely.

I completed "February".
The design of the top right corner is different from a sample.
I used the different design which placed in the chart.

NO.160 February
Fabric:Zweigart 32 count Belfast Linen Cream 
Fibers: Recommended DMC


Probably I think that a new work of PRAIRIE SCHOOLER is released soon. I look forward to it very.

The snow which removed snow is piled up on my garden.
The husband added a sense of fun a little there.

Do you think that this is what?
Is it the apartment of the small bird.
Do you think that the small bird comes?
I will report a result tomorrow!

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. i love your stitching project so much..with my heart..really very beautiful..i hope i can get this chart too,,,what a stunning stitching..
    beautiful place for birds..i showed it to my whole family and we love it so much..
    we all love snow so much xx

  2. I love your February finish! I did see that Prairie Schooler is coming out with 4 new designs this week. I know one is titled August and maybe January. I think there is a new project in your future. I love the little bird food buffet you have set up. I hope many new feathered friends come to visit!

  3. Oh, I love Prairie Schooler, too, Sana, and your February finish is gorgeous!!

    What a great amount of snow you have!! We have none here and it has been that way most of the winter... Your little bird apartments are adorable :)

  4. Sana, your stitching is so beautiful I just love it.
    I do hope your little birds come and visit, We have done a bird watch today we have to count within an hour how many birds come into the garden and what kind they are.
    Wow all that snow, they are saying we may have some snow this week.
    Have a great week .

  5. Sana, Here is a link that my friend sent to me this morning. This shop has a picture of the four new PS charts!!! http://www.stitchesnthings.com/whats_new.cfm

    I love your February finish! And the little bird houses that your husband made are just so adorable! We should all do that. Can't wait to hear what happens!!!

    1. Thank you laura. I looked at the site. They are very cute!!

  6. What a nice change you made to the PS February chart. Oh, yes, I think the birds will come to eat from the table your DH set for them. What a LOT of snow you have in the garden. The better for spring planting; right?

  7. Very nice stitching! Your husband is very clever to feed the birds this way.:)

  8. oohhh love your finish :) and love your wee bird houses too, hope they come for their supper :) love mouse xxxx

  9. What a beautiful finish!!!!
    Your husband is so creative~ Love the snow birdhouse~~

  10. very nice stitching !
    I love your appartement for bird !

  11. Beautiful job on the Prairie Schooler!

    I love what your DH did for the birds. :-)

  12. Your February finish is beautiful! And how much snow you have there in Japan! Amazing! :o)


  13. I love your February's work, is very beautiful!
    (I'm chasing the postman every time I see him if he brings me your gift!! hahaha)