Jan 14, 2012

New project

I have started a new project.
I love this series. For 12 months, I want to complete it sometime.

Prairie Schooler

When I stitch  this series, I use [Belfast Linen Cream] always.
I used it for this design.  However, I feel that a snowy white color does  unattractive on this linen.
Mmm, should I have exchanged a color of the linen?

Do you like outdoor baths?
Of course I do not wear the swimsuit because it is a bath. The Japanese hot spring may be a slightly strange custom.
There are a lot of natural hot springs in the area where I live in.  And there are often an outdoor bath .  
I like outdoor bath in  the winter . It is comfortable to take a warm bath while watching snow in the place where cold wind blows.

My small blog almost becomes the first anniversary.
Therefore I plan My First Giveaway.
I will report it soon. Please participate.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Take care not to catch a cold.
Have a happy day.


  1. Hot springs are not common here, but I always wonder - how do you stay warm from bath back to home? Pretty new project! Be well.

    1. Hello, Chalene.
      For the ingredient of the hot spring, the body is warm after bathing. In a warm dressing room, I change into a down court.
      And the privately-owned car which warmed with a heater. We keep warmth until we come home :)

  2. oooo looks like fun having a warm bath with snow all around you .... :) well done on your stitching too :)
    love mouse xxxx

  3. I think that once you stitch more of this design, that you will be happier with the fabric. It is just that you have stitched a lot of white on white so far.

    I have never had an outdoor bath, but I like the idea of it!

  4. Ah - you blog brings back happy memories to me. I remember many outdoor baths in Japan. They are very very relaxing. Your stitching looks great. Well done.

  5. I usually embroidered in Belfast flax... I really prefer it than the cream, but in this case I can not help because the flax is paler than the cream.
    I can not wait for your giveaway ^^
    Hugs, Kisses!