Mar 18, 2012

Double yolked egg

I wrote that yesterday, I bought an egg from a vending machine.
The egg is with 12 in 1 pack.

These are all  double yolked egg!
There is the vending machine of this egg near a chicken farm.
That master seems to sort an egg thought to be double yolked egg every morning.

The thaw does not readily advance. Therefore will it become difficult that the animals look for food?
The white crane with a red crest appeared like this photograph near a house.

Also deer, has approached close to the road

It is a beautiful scene, but is dangerous to the animals. I think spring comes and should come to have abundant food.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. I've never gotten a double-yolked egg before. I love the yolks but my kids don't. Those cranes are beautiful!

  2. Wow! That crane is so gorgeous! So big!!! I would love to see one in person!

  3. This is a fine breakfast! Your photos are beautiful - is there always so much snow there? We have had very little winter in USA.

  4. Hello

    Those eggs are great!

    I love your animal photos but I hope the snow goes soon so they can find food again.

  5. Such beautiful wildlife photos. It must be amazing to have cranes outside your window.

  6. I think your crane photo is one of the most lovely things I've ever seen, Sana!! Just gorgeous :)

  7. Beautiful photos Sana! I love the crane photos and that deer is adorable! I hope they can find some food too!

  8. The crane is such a beautiful bird.