Mar 11, 2012

March 11

On March 11, it was the day which I could not forget it throughout the life. Last year today, we were wrapped in big sorrow. I cannot write the state of mind precisely here. However, I want to tell sincere thanks to many people of the world who shared heart .

The seashore is wrapped in drift ice today also.
However, spring will come soon.
I bought the seeds of a flower today.
I feel hope for the seed of a flower and the bud of a flower which is bearing cold by under the snow.
A small seed buds soon and I think that the flower of a wonderful scent and a color will bloom some day.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Your comment is my encouragement.
Have a happy day.


  1. Thinking of you all after the sadness of last year, love your beautiful flower seeds , they will be so pretty.

  2. Hello

    Lovely flower seeds. They will be beautiful when they bloom. My thoughts are with you after last years sadness.

  3. It's a very sad day for you and for us.
    A memory full of love for those who suffered and still suffer today.

  4. Konnichiwa Sana. We in NZ send our best wishes to you and your country on this anniversary. It was such a shock to see the events unfold live, especially coming so close after our own event on Feb 22 2011. Thinking of you. Karen

  5. It is hard to believe it was a year ago, time has passed so quickly. I remember watching footage on TV and horror and disbelief.

    I look forward to seeing your flowers bloom in the coming months.

    I didn't know that it got so cold in Japan that there is sea ice. It is amazing what you can learn from reading other peoples blogs :-)

  6. Sanae, one year has passed since the tsunami but it is still a great sadness. I pray for you all and trust that this Spring will bring hope to your family and to all those affected by the horror of the earthquake, the sea and the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

  7. I remember those days very much and I admire your people and your country!

  8. the year has flown so fast hasn't it .... lovely that you have bought some gorgeous seeds to give you hope ... fingers are crossed they grow and bring you happiness :) love mouse xxx

  9. I still remember that day and my heart goes out to all the people and their families that lost a loved one or their homes. I still think about it here. I love the flowers...give hope and happiness to you. Beautiful picture Sana