Jun 18, 2012

Ornaments of June

I finished ornaments of June.

For June is these.

 Japanese Enshu cotton pongee which I purchased, I made a pincushion the other day. This cloth and affinity with the cross-stitching seem to be unexpectedly good

Primitive Traditions
Abigail Colby's Work Basket Accessories

In my garden, weeds increase. They grow big in a short term.

We went for wisteria Festival last week
The local Buddhist priest  of  has begun to bring up these wisteria from approximately 60 years before. Inhabitants bring them up by a volunteer now.
A sweet-smelling fragrance spread.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. I love your stitching! I was trying to decide which of the many are my favourites. It's hard to choose!

    Thank you for the photos of the wisteria - so spectacular. They are grand old ladies. They look more gorgeous as they get older!

    We have lots of rain here but the weeds are always happy! Thank you for changing your comment setting!

  2. Your ornaments are gorgeous! :o)

    Have a nice week, Cathi

  3. I love all your ornaments - so pretty!
    Thanks for showing the beautiful wisterias too, they look wonderful.

  4. Your ornaments are wonderful!! Do you have a tutorial for getting them do perfectly round and edged so nicely?? Good job! Faye

  5. Ornaments galore - How beautiful !!!

  6. Your June ornaments are fabulous! Wisteria do not grow here on the prairies in Canada as it is too hot and dry in summer and too cold in the winter. Your photo of them is lovely. Do they smell as beautiful as they look?