Jun 13, 2012


 I made the small things of the design of quaker.
These are different colors with the things which I made before.

These are the backside

Form does not become the form of a beautiful flower.
Distorted. It is necessary for me to practice a little more.
However, the distortion does not have any problem when it is put in the corner of the sewing box.
Do you find perfection? Can you catch a distortion as a cute?

I purchased edge cloth the other day. These are Japanese Enshu cotton pongee.
It is length and breadth, size of around 7 inches.
What shall I use it for? The image swells out.

Finally it is the scenery of my garden.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Loving your latest pin cushions. The colours are all so pretty, just like your garden. I very curious how you will use your new lovely fabrics. Something very beautiful I'm sure. Have a lovely day. Tamra

  2. Beautiful Pin Cushions!! Your pictures are are so pretty! April

  3. Fabulous pincushions and I love the Japanese cotton. I wonder if it is available in Canada? Sandi

  4. I love the way you've finished your stitching off, they are so pretty as pincushions.
    Beautiful garden photos too.

  5. I just love those pincushions! Beautiful

  6. I think the pincushions look just perfect. The flowers in your garden are beautiful, too!

  7. I love all your flowers, fabric and real flowers ^^

  8. Oooh Sana! I love your little pincushions! What beautiful fabrics!! Your flowers are gorgeous too!!