Feb 8, 2012

The back of the ornament

The back of the ornaments are here
I am going to use this pattern for other ornaments. However, I want to use the old clothes of each person for the birth moon of the family. I think that  not match  with Quaker, but it seems to be one's house and is not fun?

These are making processes of the Easter egg which I made before.

It is not a particularly rare thing. However, like the second image, I put a ball (pachinko ball) of iron in the part of the bottom. Then it is easy to display it because it is hard to fall down. The third image.The plastic wrap is convenient to fix it.

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Have a happy day.


  1. Wonderful idea - that with the iron ball! :o)


  2. Beautiful eggs! Great idea!! Love the backing fabric of your ornaments.

  3. This Easter Eggs are... amazings! I love them like all your works ^^

  4. I love this!!!! These eggs are toooooo cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing~

  5. The eggs are beautiful. Love all the pictures!

  6. This is a neat idea. I think I will try it.

    When it snows, I want to try the bird apartments with my grandson. What a good idea. He will enjoy it very much.

    Mary in Tennessee

  7. I love your Easter Eggs - your tutorial will be a big help to me when I try this out

  8. I love your ornaments and eggs. Good idea!!!