Feb 12, 2012

Hot spring of the swan

A cold day continues. I hear that a cold wave comes in many places. Is your place all right?
 I wish for  you not encountering heavy damage.

We go to the hot spring recently at every holiday. we went  to hot spring by the lakes today. Do you see that there is the steam around a swan? Ice dissolves in only a part of the lake which froze. Because a hot spring  gush forth, only here is warm.
In this cold, swan seems likes a warm place

In the Sapporo Snow Festival was being held until today.
 A photograph arrived from my daughter who went to look.

This festival is the largest in winter Hokkaido.

The progress of the stitch of a sparrow is here.

This is the design of snowdrop. As you know, my garden is now snow. However, Spring is came. Towards the end of March, The earliest to bloom in the garden is a  snowdrop. I think while looking forward to it, and then stitch it.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Beautiful startings!

    greetings from Debby

  2. What a lovely sight that must be to see the swans in partially frozen lake, Sana! And those ice sculpture photos from your daughter are amazing, too.

    Lovely progress on your tiny sparrow and snowdrop--spring will be here soon :)

  3. very lovely sight..i love swans so much..
    great stitching..i love the cute needle book so much..
    love for you xx

  4. Here in Europe it is cold, too, but without much snow (at least in my hometown Berlin). Great start of your stitching! The bird on the needlebook is beautiful - who is the designer? I would like to know! :o)

    Stay warm and have a nice week! :o)


    1. Hi Cathi.
      I'm sorry for delay response.
      This was referring to this book.
      [Dover Needlework Series Charted Bird Designs Lindberg Press Archives Needlework] http://www.ecrater.com/p/11675199/dover-needlework-series-charted-bird

  5. You have the most exquisite taste in projects!!!! Just gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful swans and ice sculptures!! Gorgeous stitching too!! Love snowdrops :D

  7. Pretty starts and I love your floss tag too!!!!