Feb 6, 2012

February ornaments

I made three ornaments of February.

January and February

Free Chart
Needle Print

I like Quaker designs.
However, it is hard to stitching  for the big sampler. This is because I use the circle frame. I do not have a scroll frame. Supporting a large cloth by hand  is  will shoulder stiffness.
In that respect, the small stitch comes in a stitch willingly.
 I want to make a big work someday...

The design of the sparrow advanced to here.

On a holiday of last week, we went to the outdoor bath again. It is the hot spring in a mountain wrapped up by snow.
The visitor was only us. It is comfortable to soak in warm hot water while it snows.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Wonderful finishes of the quaker designs! :o)


  2. Love the Needleprint ornaments !!!

  3. wow..they all so beautiful..well done..
    hugs xxx

  4. Everything is really beautiful!!!! Love all the Quaker ornaments.

  5. Beautiful Quaker ornaments!!!!!! love the sparrow in progress!!! Your weekend retreat to the mountains looks like so much fun!

  6. How beautiful quaker ornaments!
    And the apartments for sparrows are very cute;)

  7. Those ornaments are so beautiful!!!!!

  8. Great job on the ornaments. They are all really pretty. Just showed hubby your bird apartment. He loved it too. I also love your Prairie Schooler February and will be starting it this month.


  9. oooo lovely finishes of your ornaments and love your hot bath photo :) love mouse xxxxx

  10. I love your round ornaments. I would like to see what you use on the back.
    Please show a picture of the backs...
    Would love to be in the hot water and see the lovely snowy scenery.

    1. Hi, Denise.
      New post, I put the image on the back of the ornament

  11. Gorgeous Quaker ornaments! I love them! They make me happy!! That bath looks like it was amazing with all that snow around!!

    Have you tried using scrolls or Q snaps for larger designs?

    Yoi ichinichi o

  12. I LOVE those little ornaments! I'm not a fan of Quaker samplers but in smalls like this I really like the design.