Feb 20, 2012

linen is tattered

The progress of the stitch of a sparrow is here.
The way of the stitch of the original center of a flower part is [one strand of floss over one threads].
I tried it several times. However, that stitch is difficult.  36ct is too small and is particular about me.
After all I gave  up, and  I decided to grind a stitch with  [two strand of floss over two threads]. 
 Because I untied it many times, the linen is tattered ┐(´-`)┌

Spring does not come easily. Drift ice has come to the coast.
This will be the scenery which is not rare for a person living in the colder country. However, for us, it is  mysterious and very beautifull.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Love your sparroe. It looks beautiful.

  2. aww very sweet sparrow..she is so lovely..
    hugs xx

  3. Your sparrow is beautiful and I can't tell that the fabric is tattered. The ice pictures are amazing.


  4. The sparrow is so cute, and even after looking, I couldn't find the tattered linen. When I mess up my fabric while stitching, it always shows up so well in my mind, but then no one else sees it when I show it to them, either. :S Either way, good luck with your stitching!

  5. I can't do over one especially on high count linen. I don't even think I can do over two on 36! I really like the sparrow.

  6. Your little bird looks great and I did not see that the fabric is damaged.