Feb 27, 2011


I wanted to do a stitch of this design like a shadow picture.
The stitch seems to be completed with a little more.

All Through the Night.
A Sheltering Tree
Fabric:Zweigart 36 count Edinburgh Shadow Brook
Fibers:Crescent Colours Belle Soie Old Crow

Feb 21, 2011

Ice! Ice! Ice!

I finished this stitch. I want to use this as a remake of the empty can.

Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin   Ice-Skating Party
  We went to SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival.
There is the world of the ice. Force of big icicles......

Feb 15, 2011

A Primitive Calendar

Nikyscreations~A Primitive Calendar
Fabric:Zweigart 32 count Belfast Linen  Buttercream
    Birds of a Feather 32count Nightingale
Fibers: Recommended DMC

I finished the stitch of the design of January and February.

The white shelf was made by my daughter and  husband.
It was made so that a daughter displayed a doll of Pokemon in the days of a primary schoolchild.

Feb 13, 2011

Hot chocolate

Little by Little Designs
I made do with what was available at hand.

Tomorrow is a Valentine's Day . My daughter cooking chocolate cake now.
My small house is full of sweet smells.
Daughter presents chocolate to a daddy and  boyfriends. And she presents chocolates to  many girlfriends and there are many things. Many girls who lives neighboring do so it. The chocolate to the friends are called TOMOCHOKO and is common.

Winter Silhouette
Fabric:Zweigart 32 count Belfast Linen Dirty
Fibers:  DMC  Glow In-The-Dark

I did a stitch of this work with [DMC Light Effects Embroidery Floss Glow In-The-Dark]

This thread gleams in darkness.

Feb 10, 2011

My small garden

 My small garden and garden hut in the early summer.

The garden is full of snow now.
I wait expectantly for spring.

I intend to do a stitch of this design.
I chose this hand dyeing linen. The color is brown and green.
The thread is black. It is the image of the shadow picture.

Feb 9, 2011

tattered mascots

I have one daughter.
She is a high school student.
Most of high school students of here who hang a lot of mascots at a bag. A daughter is so, too.
I made some mascots for her.
These are the part.
They are already tattered  because they went to school with a daughter every day.
Several places become frayed.
But I feel glad that there was always with her.
She graduates from a senior high school in this spring.

Feb 7, 2011

needle books 1

 I love  making  needle books. They are happiness on the palm.


Feb 3, 2011

Scissors Block+pincushion

This cube was made by my  husband.

My small scissors are missing many times.

The needle is sometimes ..., too.

It seems to be just the message of this needle case.

No.17 Woodland Sampling
Fabric:Zweigart 32 count Belfast Linen Antique Ivory  
Fibers:Recommended DMC

CherryWood designs
Have You Seen My Pins? Freebie
Fabric:birds of a feather 32t Nightingale
Fibers:RecommendedCrescent Colors hand dyed floss