Jul 31, 2016

needle book 4

I love makingneedle books.
And love Prairie schooler.
It is my happiness to produce Needle book of the design of Prairie schooler.

 Prairie Schooler Book 194 RABBIT RUN
  Part excerpt. I have added more stitch 

A lot of roses bloomed at my garden this year. A garden of dusk is filled with the fragrance of the rose. When I breathe deeply, fatigue on the day is forgot.

I love fragrances of this flower 

However, there are many days when it rains this year.
 Therefore roses can't keep the beautiful form for a long time.
Before it rains, I pick roses a little. And I decided to make a dry flower a little.

Pink deutzia gracilis

[karaitosu]  It is like the pink hairy caterpillar

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