Apr 27, 2012

Mini Mystery SAL

I intend to begin this wonderful SAL.
I look forward to it what kind of design it is.
You can join the SAL until 29 April .
Her blog is here

Apr 22, 2012

Blue pond

We went to the blue pond in Biei-cho yesterday.
According to the name, the water of the pond is a blue color here.
A mysterious color such as the milk blue.
It is a pond caused by construction for prevention of disaster by the eruption of the volcano here.
It is thought that it is caused by an aluminum ingredient, but the correct reason is unclear.

Because there are many volcanoes, there are a lot of hot springs in Hokkaido. I went to the hot spring by this pond.

The progress of the cross-stitching is here.

Busy weekdays begin again from tomorrow.
However, I intend to do its best because I fully charged myself on the weekend.

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Have a happy day.

Apr 17, 2012

Ornaments of April

I finished ornaments of April.

Needle Print~Free Chart
By Gone Stitches ~Quaker Virtues


I used the old clothes of the family of the birth month for the back of the ornament as wrote before.
It is my birth month this month. I used the blouse which I wore in old days.

It is the third that I perform a stitch of this motif. If a color and sewing are different, impressions are different.

At last  winter is over and spring has come to this part of northern Japan.

The snow of the field melted and the soil steamed and has begun to dry.
The apartment of birds has melted, too.

The water of the brook began to flow, and  adonis has begun to bloom on the bank.

The frog woke up, too.

We picked up a butterbur sprout.

We chop these finely. And I dip it into the water and pull lye.
Then, I season it with miso and sugar roasting in oil.

The butterbur sprout miso is very tasty to have with rice! I've enjoyed the meal.

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Apr 5, 2012

New Prairie Schooler books

I began a new stitch.

The Prairie Schooler
AUGUST Book 176

Pineberry Lane
Autumn on Marigold Lane
 I want to complete all a monthly sampler.
I love Pineberry Lane. I want to stitch  this design  too.
However, I do not understand a method for purchase.
I must examine it a little more.

The progress of the stitch of  snowdrop is really slow.

I uploaded the image of the  snowdrop of the garden the other day.
I thought that so spring came over. However,  snowdrop are snowy bottoms again.

It snowed all day yesterday. Spring, come early.

The following photographs are the hot springs which we went recently.

The small bathtub such as the pan. These are for one person's use.

 It was snowstorm, but the hot spring was warm.

The hot spring in the forest. It is result of the hot spring ingredient that an exit of the hot water is yellow.

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Apr 2, 2012

Old Prairie Schooler books

The snowdrop have begun to bloom in  my garden .

The snowdrop of stitches are not completed still more.
I am satisfied that I watch the flower which has begun to bloom, and a stitch is going to begin to do other works. In that way works of the incompleteness increase.

I plan the stitch of the design of Prairie schooler next.
By the way, do you like the design of old Prairie schooler books?
I love them.  Probably I may like them than a new thing.
I did some stitches so far, but there is still the thing which wants to do a stitch a lot.

These are parts of the thing which I made a stitch so far.

No.12-Three Bears

No.40-Band Samplers
I put three pieces of designs together little by little.
No.60-Spring Samplers

No.9-Johnny Appleseed
I changed placement into one line and increased the number of small animals.

No.49-Garden Verses

No.18-The Three Pigs

No.4-Bremen Town Musicians

I thank for there being a lot of splendid designs.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.