Aug 30, 2012

Ornaments of August

I  finished the stitch of ornaments of August .
I extracted a part from them. Or I added a stitch.

Needle Print~Free Chart
By Gone Stitches~Quaker Christmas
ByGone Stitches~Quaker Virtues

For August are these.

There were only twice my post to the blog in August.
During the summer vacation, there was very little time when I faced to PC.
In short summer vacation, I was able to spend happy time with a husband and the daughter who return home.
Season will be soon fall.
It is sad that the flowers in the garden, are becoming fewer.
However, I think  Autumn is the best season for stitch.

This is the stitch which I began newly.

Prairie Schooler
No.168 May

The title is May. It was out of season, but thought that this design was pretty.
I want to finish this for a needle book.

These lilies are in my garden.

Lilium auratum
It is a Japanese endemic species.
This is very big and has a heavy fragrance

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Have a happy day.

Aug 17, 2012


In reference to the Clam Shell Case which I made the other day. . .
I tried that  made the frog face shape case.
Parts of  eyes are made from felt and buttons, I  insert them into the main body.
This is a present to my daughter. She will be to put small accessories in this.

About the sampler of the October, it was finally completed. I began the production of the sampler of January continuously.
 I want to complete the sampler of all 12 months before the end of the year.
The Prairie Schooler

The Prairie Schooler

I took this photograph in a lily park of Koshimizu-cho of Hokkaido.
I love oriental Lily. The image of the lily which I have is pure and innocent. . However, the lily which grew in gregariousness  were powerful and energetic.

This picture was  taken by  my daughter with a smartphone  in the same place . 
Smartphone have a variety of functions than my camera. 
My compact digital camera was purchased seven years ago.
Fortunately, troubles are nothing. But  the shooting date back to 2005 many times .  Is a strange thing.
I want to purchase a single-lens reflex camera, but am considering it because I am satisfied with my camera.

These are photographs of my garden. Roses and  clematis bloomed like a bouquet.

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