Oct 30, 2011

Needle Organizer??

I put a pincushion in a frame of the wood.
In the blank, I write marks and numbers of the threads.
I am going to use it as a very simple needle organizer.

Blackbird Designs
Loose feathers No.27
Autumn Song
Fibers:  ....... I used the different color for several parts.

Various fruits grew on my garden.
The Rose hips. A field grape. A Japanese beauty-berry.

What will these translate it as in English?
Do you call it a nut ?
Do you call it a berry?
Or are there other names?

Anyway, I love these colors.

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Have a happy day.

Oct 1, 2011

Night Time in Olde Towne

The Olde Towne is finished. I'm really happy about that!
Black linen could not have seen texture easily. Therefore I was very tired.
However, I love this design.!!! It is like the cut of the picture book.

Elizabeth's Garden
Night Time in Olde Towne
Fabric:Zweigart 32 count Belfast Linen Black 
Fibers: Recommended DMC

In addition to this, I am stitching the small design.
I know how I’m going to finish both of these ....

In a park nearby, a squirrel ate a pinecone.  Very pretty!

In the field near my house, the farmer is drying the azuki beans.

They looked like  the  dwarf's house.

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Have a happy weekend.