Aug 30, 2015

Tin container

The other day I went to secondhand store.
In the Store, I found this tin container.
Originally, it's the container in which a snack is put.
I want to use this to put finished products such as the cross-stitching.

I stitched the  same design with a different color.

With Needle & Thread ......Tulip & Star Pinkeep
Fabric : Zweigart Belfast Linen
Fibers : Gentle Art and  Crescent Colours Belle Soie
Cloth uses diameter 12-13 centimeters of circularity.
It's sewn and shortened while putting cotton in the inside.
Next a container is made.

A hemp thread is tied including a pincushion.

Finally, the edge of the hemp yarn is soaked in wax.

A back one was made before.
And pincushions

How to make small pincushion

Space of stitch is 40ct☓40ct degree.
A mark of 10 cm of diameter is put for running stitch.

The felt cut roundly is sewn on a bottom part.

The synthetic leather is cut in a circle of 9cm in diameter.
I used a Plastic file holder for a pattern.
The paper pattern of nine centimeters in the diameter made 32 holes the inside.
These holes are used to sew surroundings by the hemp yarn.

Thank you for visiting my  blog .
Have a happy day!

Aug 20, 2015


I was not able to visit this page for a long time.
There is a possibility that  sad things that has occurred at last few years had stopped the blog up to now.
But my mind have try to resume it now.
Thank you for having been with followers while there is not my posts.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.