Nov 19, 2012


I have finished performing the stitch of the samplers for 12 months of  The Prairie Schooler.
It is 2008 that firstly I began a stitch. It was a sampler of March.
Then it is four years and a half year.
I was able to finally finish them.
These frames were made by my husband.

The garden was covered with pure white frost this morning. It will be that first snow falls soon.
It seems to be 100 years since the time of the first snow of the year being so late in this district last. Will a climate change little by little?

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Nov 14, 2012

From these buttons

When you choose the design of the stitch, what kind of reason does it have?
A favorite design. A season. Size......

From these buttons, an image appeared, and I intended to stitch  this design.

Buttons of glass made in Czech

Experience Leland's Needlebook
Blackbird Designs[A Stitcher's Journey]

And the sampler of December of Prairie Schooler is completed soon.
I want to write it here next week. 
It finally concludes

What does this look like?

This seemed to be made in the image of a back figure of [Le Penseur]
It is totally different from that when I look near.

It is the park which a local confectionery company established here. The beautiful building removed and rebuilt an old building in Croatia.

there is one of my favorite parks .

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Nov 11, 2012

Ornaments of November

I finished the stitch of ornaments of November.

I extracted a part from them. Or I added a stitch.
Needle Print~Free Chart
By Gone Stitches~Quaker Christmas

For  Novemberare these
The plan that I began in January had only another three production left.

The reason that was able to continue is because I was encouraged in your warm comment. Thank you.

Winter approaches, and the neighboring marsh decreases quantity of water.
Can you find a white bird in the water from this photograph?
They are flocks of swans.

My favorite hot spring of the neighborhood of  mountaintop  has been already surrounded by snow. The scenery here is the best.

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Nov 4, 2012

mini-pillows 3

These are the mini-pillows which I finished today.

The Gift of Stitching Issue 71 March/April 2012 Heartstring Samplery
Free bie [Baby Alphabet] ~ SHEEPISH DESIGNS
Free bie ~The Primitive Hare.

The level ground is still autumn. However, the mountain range whitens by snow.

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