Jun 18, 2011

Posey From A Friend

What I have stitching now.....

Sheepish Designs  Posey From A Friend
Fabric: Zweigart 36 count Lakeside Linens  Vintage Light Exampler
Fibers: Recommended DMC

I love Sheepish Designs.  I am very sorry that these charts became  OOP.
Birds of a feather, Elizabeth's Garden ......It is similar that most of wonderful designs become OOP.

Jun 17, 2011


It was completed today. I am glad to be completed in my favorite atmosphere.
However, I do not have a frame of the size that is most suitable for this.

I am considering whether I go to the home center to look for it on the weekend.
It may be good to make pinkeep.......

Ewe & Eye & Friends

Fabric:birds of a feather 32t Nightingale
Fibers:Caron Collection Waterlilies  0099 Cocoa

Linen blooms  in the garden of my house now. I love these refreshing blue flowers.

Jun 14, 2011

Small small pincushion  Part 2

I thought that the small pincushion was just right for the use of patch of  the linen and made several more.
I used  them  for the part of the pedestal this time.

Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
Spring Cookies
Christmas Cookies

Jun 3, 2011

Small small pincushion

Blackbird Designs and Nicoletta Farrauto
My Heart isTrue
Small Tokens
Fabric:Birds of a Feather 32count Nightingale
Fibers: Recommended DMC

I produced a pincushion to be able to make in a short time today.
Materials are paper core of the saran wrap.
I cut this into round slices.
The very small pincushion is just size for the sewing box of the empty can which I made.
The design of the stitch is Niky .
I love her design.