Nov 28, 2011

Swiss roll??

I made mat so that a desk was not damaged when I put scissors.
Then I rolled the ends of the mat slightly. It is similar to a Swiss roll.
I use it as a pincushion here.

I made the design of the stitch in reference to an old chart book.
Near my house, there is the station named [The happiness station].
It is already a deserted station here. However, a lot of tourists still come.
The name of the neighboring station is[ The country of the love]!
The ticket of these two stations is popular as a lucky charm. The train does not go anymore, but still sells the ticket.
The tourist has a custom posting a business card of each person or a memo on here. The old station building is filled in them and does not see a wall.

This is a signboard of the English sentence

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.

Nov 26, 2011

wonderful present

A wonderful present arrived from my friend Keiko.  Her stitch is very beautiful!!
I love designs of this BOAF!

She presented the wonderful embroidery thread to me, too.
Those threads are called  MATALBON.
It is a thread produced in Japan. I have not used this thread. There is a very soft impression.
I look forward to using it.   Thank you, Keiko!!!

It is December soon. Swans came flying in a field nearby.
They spend  in here and a riverbank nearby until spring. They are winter beautiful messengers for us.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.

Nov 6, 2011

Reuse of tin can 3

I reused a round can.
I am going to make this can a sewing box.

Blackbird Designs 

Tulip & Star Pinkeep 
Fabric:birds of a feather 32t Nightingale
I dyed linen with coffee.
Fibers:  ....... I used the different color for several parts.

We went to "the sulfur mountain" the other day.
At this place, very hot gas gushes out and is known as a sightseeing spot.

This is powder of sulfur.
This is still hot and  like "The Super Natural" of the TV drama!

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.