Jul 24, 2012

Strawberry Sampler

I have finished stitching this sampler.
Strawberry Sample

I love this design.  I want to finish it to a small cushion.
What does the filling have good?  Fluffy with cotton?
The husk of the walnut or  flaxen seeds?

I finished this small thing, too.
I made some Pinkeep, but want to increase it a little more.

Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
Seasonal Mementoes II

These are barricades such as the construction. During a drive, the construction spot does not want to pass.
However, is it not fun if there is such a pretty barricade?
It is my pleasure going for a drive that discover them.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Lovely finishes! And these barricades are really funny! Wish they would use them here in Germany as well... ;o)


  2. Lovely stitching! And your pinkeeps are so pretty! Maybe people wouldn't get so frustrated with roadwork if we used those barricades here. :) I'm glad to have found your blog!

  3. I love your work, so pretty and beautifully finished! I have to ask if you still have the design with the pink flowers - Secret Garden?

    The road barricades are really cute! Only in Japan, I think? ;-)

  4. lovely finishes..pin keep are so pretty..well done
    hugs xx

  5. The strawberry sampler is so nice! I've never seen one with a border that pretty. The barricades are great, too- now I'll think of them every time I see a line of orange cones on the street.

  6. Such beautiful finishes--I think the Mary Garry one is just adorable :)

  7. Beautiful finishes, I especially love the strawberry sampler and the little Mary Garry design. How imaginative those barricades are, I love them!

  8. Cute barricades - they are really bright. Lovely stitching