Jul 31, 2016

needle book 4

I love makingneedle books.
And love Prairie schooler.
It is my happiness to produce Needle book of the design of Prairie schooler.

 Prairie Schooler Book 194 RABBIT RUN
  Part excerpt. I have added more stitch 

A lot of roses bloomed at my garden this year. A garden of dusk is filled with the fragrance of the rose. When I breathe deeply, fatigue on the day is forgot.

I love fragrances of this flower 

However, there are many days when it rains this year.
 Therefore roses can't keep the beautiful form for a long time.
Before it rains, I pick roses a little. And I decided to make a dry flower a little.

Pink deutzia gracilis

[karaitosu]  It is like the pink hairy caterpillar

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
Have a happy day.


  1. Wonderful stitch work and beautiful flowers.

    1. Lovely PS finish and gorgeous, gorgeous flowers, my dear.

  2. Oh your needlebook is so pretty. And your garden is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful roses! Our beetles devour all the leaves and I have never had good luck growing them. Sweet needle book, very nice!

  4. Adorable little needlebook, Sana, and you have a fabulous rose garden! It must be heavenly to walk through your garden!