Dec 3, 2016

Ornament of Christmas and  Squirrels

I think that you have already worked on the making of decoration of Christmas.
In my house, a storage space is small. So some ornaments disintegrate and keep it.
It is easy to assemble them again.
Because there are few burdens to cloth, Drafting tape is convenient.
I stick cloth on a chip of wood in Drafting tape.
And I decorate it with ribbon.
I made this stitch in 2009.
Because it is a very favorite design, I display it every year.

                  10th Anniversary Collection
Birds of a Feather (Night Before Christmas)

I made the pincushion an image of Christmas.

The pincushion of the mushroom is a handmade present from my daughter.
 It is made with wool.

I went to the neighboring Shinto shrine the other day.
Many squirrels live here.
I think that feeding of the wild animal is not good.
However, only this site seems to be relatively permitted.
When we were going to put a walnut in the ground, the squirrels came to the side.
They were very charming.

Thank you for visiting my small blog.

Have a happy day.


  1. Sana I very much like your Night Before Christmas. It is so sweet. So is your little pincushion. Your daughter made such a sweet pincushion also. What cute squirrels you have. They look a bit different than ours here. :D

  2. Wonderful stitching and that mushroom!

  3. I love your birds of a feather Christmas cube! It is so cute! We have not decorated our home yet. Tomorrow the first tree will go up. Then a week later the second tree will be decorated. We have many squirrels in our yard and neighborhood. Feeding them is interesting to me as no one feeds them here. Yours are beautifully colored with the two shades of brown.

  4. What a great idea for storing ornaments. Your squirrels are so cute! Ours do not have such ears.